Hikari Usa AHK72230 Betta Ultimate for Aquarium, 0.08-Ounce

Hikari Usa AHK72230 Betta Ultimate for Aquarium, 0.08-Ounce SALE


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Hikari, the "originator" of Species Specific and premium aquatics diets has been copied by many, but our loyal customers know they can always depend on our products to offer their aquatic pets the finest in scientifically balanced nutrition. For almost 140 years we've spent considerable time exploring natural habitats of fish, breeding fish in our own facilities, producing diets in our own factories, processing every shipment through our own facilities and researching the impact our diets have over time. These unique insights into the nutritional needs of fish give a competitive advantage no other fish food maker can duplicate and allow us to produce species specific diets that will not only maintain your aquatic pets' health, but assist you in keeping your aquarium or pond in top form