Lots of Pets Dog Party Box (Large Dogs)

Lots of Pets Dog Party Box (Large Dogs) SALE
Lots of Pets Dog Party Box (Large Dogs) SALE
Lots of Pets Dog Party Box (Large Dogs) SALE
Lots of Pets Dog Party Box (Large Dogs) SALE

Lots of Pets

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Pamper the special pets in your life and share the love with a Lots of Pets party box! Includes a variety of Items including treats, toys and accessories! Send it as a gift to a Friend or Family member. They are sure to be pleased. Box Contents Vary Every dog has its day, and today could be your dog's day! Each month, this box contains a different assortment of dog accessories, supplies, treats, and toys. You never know what you're going to get, but it's sure to be a hit with your canine friend. At Lots of Pets, we carefully handpick each item that goes inside, ensuring greater quality and more fun for your dog. Thanks to our pet experts, you can rest assured that each dog accessory will be to your furry friend's liking. Toys can range from chew toys to stuffed animals to rubber balls. Use these toys to bond with your dog. They're also great for helping your dog exercise because you can use them to play fetch or tug-of-war. In this blind box, you could also receive brand-name goodies, like Pure Piggy. We make sure the treats we include are healthy, high in protein, and, of course, delicious to your puppy. Some treats also contain vital nutrients and vitamins, like vitamin E and vitamin A. These treats are especially useful when it comes to training your dog since you can use them as a reward. This box may also include necessary grooming products for your dog. You can get hypoallergenic wet wipes, dog dental care, and grooming tools in your package, depending on the month. You may even get a fashionable collar for your pup! With this mystery box, there's no knowing what you could get because it's a surprise each month. But, whatever it is, it's sure to be great! Get this package for your dog or for your dog-loving friend. Dog lovers will be elated to receive a convenient, affordable care package for their favorite canine friend.