PoopUp Innovative Pooper Scooper EZ Clean Up

PoopUp Innovative Pooper Scooper EZ Clean Up


PoopUp Innovative Pooper Scooper EZ Clean Up

MPN: 0300                   UPC: 854739003005                Brand: PoopUP            


Poopup is a product created to help clean up dog excrements. It is light, compact, ergonomic, and extremely simple. It has a removable roll of disposable plastic bags built in, that are easily used and replaced. With PoopUp pooper scooper, all the discomfort of picking up dog leftovers with a mere plastic bag is a thing of the past.  This device mimics your hand, so that you are using your hand yet without touching the dog poop. 

Our pooper scooper device also has a handle which could be used to hang it from your hand or with adjustable Velcro be attached to your belt or to your dog’s leash, so your hands can be free while walking your dog. 


Key Benefits:

·      Compact

·      Lightweight

·      Convenient

·      Easy Clean up


Why we love it so much!!!

We all love our Pooches. But do not enjoy picking up after them. It’s part of our responsibility to do so. Well if you don t enjoy picking up after your pooch, this simple compact tool will make the chore much more desirable and sanitary.

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