BioGroom Super White Shampoo (32 fl oz)

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  • Super White is a mild, high quality, natural dog shampoo specifically designed to brighten white and light-colored coats.
  • Our shampoo features special pearlescent brighteners that add brilliance and sparkle to your pet’s coat while making it clean, smooth, and easy to manage.
  • Super White shampoo also helps prevent dryness, and the soy protein in it gives strength and body to your pup’s coat.
  • Our shampoo is cruelty free and soap free, free of parabens and dyes, and safe to use with topical flea and tick treatments.
  • Super White’s natural cleaners are derived from regrowable and 100% green sources of coconut oil.
  • Directions: Wet the coat with warm water. Apply Super White Shampoo and work well through the coat while avoiding contact with eyes. Rinse. For best results shampoo and rinse again, then dry and groom as usual. Super White may be diluted with up to 8 parts of water.