Booda Comfy Perch Multicolor Small 21in

Booda Comfy Perch Multicolor Small 21in


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56104 Size: Small (1" H x 5" W x 10.5" D) Features: -Perch cable. -Holds shape without dangerous wires or stiffeners. -Screw caps make it a breeze to place in any style cage regardless of the length or width. -Made in United States. Product Type: -Perches. Pet Category: -Birds. Pet Size: -Large/Medium/Small. Primary Color: -Multi-Colored. Generic Dimensions: -Small dimensions: 1" H x 5" W x 7.5-16" D. -Medium dimensions: 1.5" H x 5.75-6" W x 7.5-16" D. -Large dimensions: 2" H x 7" W x 14-18.5" D.


  • TWISTS AND BENDS INTO SHAPE: JW's parrot perch bends into a variety of shapes to stimulate birds with different perching surfaces
  • CUSHIONS BIRDS' FEET: JW's bird comfy perch provides soft, rounded support for birds' feet to promote joint health
  • BRIGHT COLORS: JW's multi-colored rope perches are stimulating bird cage accessories that provide entertainment for birds with bright, exciting colors and shapes
  • SMALL BIRD PERCH: This perch measures 21 inches long and provides a comfortable grip for small birds like budgies or cockatiels
  • Pack of 2