Classy Kitty 36" Condo with Penthouse 17x17x36

Classy Kitty 36" Condo with Penthouse 17x17x36

North American Pet

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Cats are family! That’s why we take great effort in providing superior cat products. We have cats and understand their needs. We also understand that you want the best products at a great price. Classy Kitty delivers both. The Classy Kitty 36” Condo with Penthouse will provide endless opportunities for kittens and cats to relax, explore and hide. Cats need to scratch a must for saving your home furniture. Wood Construction, Steel Hardware, no glue used. We use plush, stain resistant residential grade carpet. We use Earthtone colors in beige and browns that make our cat furniture easy to integrate into your home decor. Great for kittens and cats. No choice of colors. The 36” Condo is a perfect height for your kitten or cat to look out the window. The Penthouse is just right for lounging.