FATCAT Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy

FATCAT Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy SALE
FATCAT Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy SALE
FATCAT Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy SALE


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With 360 degrees of fun that'll bring out the kitten in any cat the FAT CAT® Crazy Circle® is a tubular plastic track that holds a removable, reloadable catnip ball. Your cat will poke at and chase through paw-sized openings that are perfect for swatting. This fun cat toy will drive cats crazy as they bat the ball around the circle trying to get it out.


  • KEEP YOUR KITTY ENTERTAINED-360 degrees of fun solo play time for your cat. Great exercise toy and boredom buster
  • Great durable design- Made from a lightweight and durable plastic material, this toy will stand the test of time
  • No Batteries Required- Cat powered fun! Requires no batteries
  • Reloadable Catnip Ball Included- keep your cat curious and attracted to the toy with catnip you can stuff into the ring
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  • Interactive cat toy
  • Ball enclosed in durable plastic circle
  • Openings in the side allow ball to be moved around
  • Drive your cat crazy as they try to get the ball out
  • Made in the USA