Herm Sprenger - Slide Chain Collar - Chrome

Herm Sprenger - Slide Chain Collar - Chrome


SKU: 51112-065-02

Due to the short links, this chain-type slides very well through the ring.

It is not permitted for VDH-verifications.

ATTENTION: please note that this chain type is offered in lengths which are not appropriate for the mentioned weight. These collars should only be used for decorative purposes!

Metal collars crafted by Herm Sprenger are a symbol of quality, reliability, and security, they are ideal for use in various areas of dog training and everyday life. The high-quality raw material does not cause allergies and does not stain hair, and 100% quality control makes these metal collars for dogs, some of the best collars in the world.

These Herm Sprenger Chrome Plated choke chain dog training collars come in two sizes of wire thickness 3mm and 4mm. All collar measurements include both large end O-rings ( collars are measured from the outer tip of one end O-ring to the outer tip of the other end O-ring) 3mm thickness works for the dogs up to 65-70lbs. 4mm thickness works for the dogs best on dogs over 70 lbs. Please keep in mind that 4mm chains are a lot thicker and heavier than 3mm.