POOPUP Pooper Scooper Purple

POOPUP  Pooper Scooper Purple
POOPUP  Pooper Scooper Purple

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Best poop scooper device ever. Best poop scooper device ever- Mimics your hand and makes the job of picking up after your dog easy and comfortable- Each package comes with a single Navy Blue colored Poopup pooper scooper device and 3 rolls of 20 plastic disposable bags- Poopup is a product created to help clean up dog excrements- It is light, compact, ergonomic and extremely simple- It has a removable roll of plastic biodegradable bags built in, that are easily used and replaced- With Poopup pooper scooper, all the discomfort of picking up dog leftovers with a mere plastic bag is a thing of the past- The device mimics your hand so it feels that you are using your hand yet without touching the dog poop- Our pooper scooper device also has a handle which could be used to hang it from your hand or with adjustable Cloth Tie be attached to your belt or to your dogs leash so your hands can be free while walking your dog- This is one of the best poop scoops out there - say people who use it first time- This Pooper Scooper is equipped with a convenient and simple key holder- Poopup comes in a variety of colors, such as navy blue, red, purple and topaz- May be used with almost any plastic biodegradable bags