Snoozzy Quilted Kennel Dog Mat Black Small 23"x16"

Snoozzy Quilted Kennel Dog Mat Black Small 23"x16" SALE


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Petmate® Quilted Kennel Mats are specifically designed for use in the car, at home, or inside crates. Comes in a variety of sizes and designed to fit standard wire dog kennels from sizes 19 inches to 48 inches. Petmate Quilted Kennel Mats bring comfort to your pet while being in their kennel when you're away. Designed to keep your pet cozy and warm, the sleep surface is made up of a super-soft quilted plush fabric. A non-skid bottom helps keep the mat in place. Whether you are crate training or on the go, the convenient, lightweight design of the Quilted Kennel Mats makes them easy to roll up for travel. For easy cleaning, they are Machine Washable. Compatible kennel sizes and mats are as follows: XS = 19 inch kennels,

S = 24 inch kennels,  Dimensions: 17.5 X 11.5