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     At Lots of Pets We're committed to helping pets in need. With our ongoing partnership with Fix'n Fidos we can make a difference and help pets in need.
    Fix'n Fidos is  a non-profit 501c3, tax-deductible organization. that runs completely on charitable contributions from donors like you.

We're On A Mission

  • At Lots of Pets we've teamed up with local Non- Profit organizations to help take care of pets in need. With the help of our network of manufacturers, distributors, and other industry partners, we have provided food, shelter, and emergency medical services to pets and pet parents in need. The past year has been challenging for many pets and pet parents due to COVID-19. Many of you have stepped up to the challenge and continue to be the Pet Guardian Angels. We salute you all for your continuous support. We pledge to continue the movement and expand our reach to help more pets and pet parents in need.
    Harry Shamoyan
    Lots of Pets

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